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Taken down?

October 17, 2012 by · No Comments · education

I just had to come back and write one more post in response to:

Textbook Publisher Pearson Takes Down 1.5 Million Teacher And Student Blogs With A Single DMCA Notice

because it affects this blog, my friend James Farmer (who runs this excellent blogging service) and all my Edu-blogging colleagues who have ever blogged here.

I have long been nervous about working with copyright materials online. Not because I think money is evil, or those evil corporations are out to get little guys like me, or even that people should not have the right to protect their intellectual property. Rather, I see great value in the re-use of digital material as it flows freely through the interwebs and I worry about what can happen when a non malicious infringement throws a spanner in the works of a successful enterprise. This is why I favor distributed publishing models and license all my own work as Creative Commons: Attribution and try to avoid using any digital text, image, audio or video that is ‘protected’ by copyright.

Let’s try to put all the emotions to one side and look at what happened.

  • [T+6 days] OLDaily newsletter links to TechDirt article (bringing the whole issue to my attention)
  • [T+5 days] TechDirt and others spread the news
  • [T+hours] Edublogs founder writes detailed post about entire kerfuffle
  • [T=0] Hosting company takes server(s) off the air. (up to 1,451,943 blogs can’t be accessed for hour(s))
  • [T-weeks] Hosting company receives DCMA copyright infringement notice
  • [T-years] Publishing company implements process to enforce rights on material
  • [T-5years] Teacher includes ‘Becks hopelessness scale’ in a blog post about a session
  • [T-24years] Publisher included ‘Becks hopelessness scale’ in a publication
  • [T-  38years] Beck creates hopelessness scale

Fang - Mike Seyfang


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I’m moving my blog (to mikese.wordpress.com)

July 16, 2012 by · No Comments · education

I am moving most of my blogging activity over to:


See you there!

#cs7020 Notes

July 2, 2012 by · No Comments · science

Notes and links for my piece of the Communicating Science course.

Fang - Mike Seyfang


Some notes for our overseas visitors

May 28, 2012 by · No Comments · education

I am meeting with some visitors from the international school of Zug and Luzern in Switzerland as part of my Uni work.

Here are some notes/links to things I may talk about.

- narrated vid (show in person)

- iPad ELFS three story summary (APHS)

- iPad ELFS blog posts (category)

- iPad ELFS images on flickr

- 10bigQuestions first iPad promo Video

- 10bigQuestions re-mixable video collection

- NMC Horizon 2011-2016 Aus Tertiary Outlook


- experimental TedED flip lesson

- iTunesU: Duke Core Concepts in Chemistry

- iTunesU: South Australian DECD

- OLDaily from downes.ca

- EdTechTalk network


Fang - Mike Seyfang


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Soundtrack to my life: thank you Spotify

May 24, 2012 by · No Comments · ccdrm, education

Thanks to spotify for making it convenient/possible/legal to re-discover and consume the songs that shaped my life. Since spotify ‘launched’ in Australia a couple of days back I have been enjoying a feast of wonderful memories in each of my fav. listening spots around the house and outdoors. I should also thanks Napster (for pushing the snowball down the hill), Apple (for dumping DRM, the convenience of the AirPlay, iPhone & iPad part of my experience and for giving the middlemen who tried to stop all this the biggest shake-up) and my friends JP, Kent, Dave, Jem and a growing list of others who are bringing previously forgotten tunes to light.

I hope it won’t be too long till I can write a ‘thank you’ post to whoever it will be that allows me to co-create my own stories using all these tunes. Without being a ‘pirate’ that is.

Fang - Mike Seyfang


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