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Day3 TechEd a view from Outside

August 26, 2006 by mseyfang · No Comments · education

Finally! – I got to listen to some great audio while out and about today. Excellent audio in fact, great session which sounds like audio straight from mixing desk. In fact, it was so good that it scared me into downloading some security tools and searching for ‘netcat’!!

Identifying Computer Attacks – Tips, Tricks and Tools

(However I can’t really call this a PODCAST because of the long chain of steps to manually download, convert and move to my mp3 player)

The Real podcasts are here: http://www.scalabledevelopment.com/ftp/ScalabilityWithDotNet.xml

I hear that Beth is there and that some people are arriving for the final day in the clothes they were wearing at last night’s party. (could that be more than a coincidence?)

I note that Jorke is behind this great initiative:

TechEd Webcasts also Streamed
Big thanks to Jorke at WebCentral, in addition to letting us use theserver the WMV’s and WMA’s are hosted on Jorke has posted the contentto their Media Server for streaming!To see/hear all the content in a big loop simply go to

Congratulations to Frank and his team for a great event, with pretty damn good coverage for the outside world.  With a tiny bit of tweaking that coverage could be awesome – and I bet will lead to higher registration numbers.

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