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v10dot2 – Venturing a response to review of our innovation system

September 12, 2008 by mseyfang · 1 Comment · NIS

The Review of the National Innovation System has now been completed. The report of the Review, venturousaustralia – building strength in innovation, and associated materials, can be accessed below.

Report on the Review of the National Innovation System

The report is quite insightful in the way it deals with the social media or Web2.0 uprising. In particular, the suggestions in regard to Intellectual Property (IP) and the need to free up the flow of government information through open licensing schemes such as Creative Commons are spot on. Recommendation 10.2 practically jumped off the page at me:


As a web 2.0 practitioner I hereby propose that my fellow practitioners self-organise around the TAG v10dot2. To start the ball rolling I have created this friendfeed room and nominate myself and David (LifeKludger) Wallace as the first two South Australian committee members. I would like to nominate Laurel Papworth, Mark Pesce and Nick Hodge for the New South Wales branch.

Furthermore, I look to Laurel for community guidance and wisdom on the most effective mechanisms to nurture and grow the ‘v10dot2′ community. Perhaps these good folk who have already commented on the NIS review might like to get involved as well!

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p.s. Funny/Sad that the .pdf has been locked to prevent copy/paste of its text


UPDATE: As Laurel points out, the .pdf is now unlocked!!


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  • Declan Brennan

    First thing to be reviewed should be the timeframes. The web2.0 world moves to a beat measure in smaller increments than years. (in most aspects!).

    I second ‘Mike” being the first committee member. Good luck to the other members having to keep up with him.


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