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ScribeFire and edublogs.org not talking after upgrade

July 30, 2009 by mseyfang · 1 Comment · education

I see from the message at the top of the ‘Add New Post’ page in the edublogs.org dashboard that there has been an upgrade of the platform. I am writing this post in the dashboard (instead of my usual ScribeFire firefox addin) because I have not been able to publish to my mseyfang.edublogs.org since updating the ScribeFire add-in a few days back. I have tried deleting and re-adding my account settings in scribefire on my mac and I get the following error messages:


After a tweet from @suewaters indicating a fix was in place I re-tried to find this new error message (which is really confusing because it suggests the error could be username, password, login bug or not being a supporter. I AM a supporter (at least until
Your supporter privileges will expire on: January 28, 2010)


In this post James points out that xml-rpc has been disabled for all but supporters due to spam-kerbing efforts (but subject to revision due to obvious push-back). I followed his instructions and went to setting->writing to enable xml-rpc and this is what I saw:

Furthermore, after pressing save and trying to re-add my edublogs account to ScribeFire I get the same old ’403 Not Authorised’ response.

edublogs-org-scribefireerror-Picture 2


the server returned a ’403 not authorized’ response or the server returned a malformed response. Please check that your blog API urls are correct.

I tried a fress install of ScribeFire (now v3.4.3) on the kids pc and tried to add an account for mseyfang.edublogs.org – this time no error message, just hangs waiting for the login.

I have noticed that accessing my blog by its url in either form:



http://mseyfang.edublogs.org/wp-admin/ (to login and go to dashboard)

often just ‘freeze’ before returning my blog homepage. Likewise stats from the dashboard sometimes returns just a blank page. I think there is something special and wrong with my blog!!


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