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e/mail stats and Gary’s Social Media COUNT

October 6, 2009 by mseyfang · 2 Comments · education

Hats off to @garyphayes for his most excellent Social Media COUNT. I intend to use it in an upcoming presentation – which would be all the better if I could find / show similar figures for ye olde Electronic Mail.

Trouble is, I’m having a tough time finding data (especially historical) on e/mail usage. In addition to displaying e/mail messages sent on Gary’s COUNTer, I would love to be able to produce a chart showing the number of mailboxes on the planet each year since e/mail began. (Along with something like the average number of e/mail messages sent per day for each of the same years).


Fortunately for me, Gary’s blog post references some interesting data sources that have inspired me to make a second attempt to track down those elusive figures. I would be thrilled if y’all could help me with this. Here is a re-cap of what I have discovered to date:

My growing list of sources on delicious.

Looking thru Gary’s references we can add:

(I plan to work thru some of these to see if they have e/mail history stats)

  • 20 hours of video uploaded every minute onto YouTube (source YouTube blog Aug 09)
  • Facebook 600k new members per day, and photos, videos per month, 700mill & 4 mill respectively (source Inside Facebook Feb 09)
  • Twitter 18 million new users per year & 4 million tweets sent daily (source TechCrunch Apr 09)
  • 900 000 blogs posts put up every day (source Technorati State of the Blogosphere 2008)
  • YouTube daily, 96 million videos watched, $1mill bandwidth costs (source Comscore Jul 06 !)
  • Second Life 250k virtual goods made daily, text messages 1250 per second (source Linden Lab release Sep 09)
  • Money – $5.5 billion on virtual goods (casual & game worlds) even Facebooks gifts make $70 million annually (source Viximo Aug 09)
  • Flickr has 73 million visitors a month who upload 700 million photos (source Yahoo Mar 09)
  • Mobile social network subscribers – 92.5 million at the end of
    2008, by end of 2013 rising to between 641.6-873.1 million or 132 mill
    annually (source Informa PDF)
  • SMS – Over 2.3 trillion messages will be sent across major markets worldwide in 2008 (source Everysingleoneofus sms statistics)

Any additional data sources, charts, suggestions welcome.

If somebody can find me charts like those above going back to Ray Tomlinson‘s early e/mail back in the 1970′s I will open my cellar and send you a nice bottle of wine.
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